Sunday, 29 May 2011

Baileys Horse food

Feeding a horse can actually be rather a complicated business. You must evaluate the type of food your horse needs, as well as the amount. You could possibly may even have to combine a range of feeds, for example if your horse requires something that will make improvements to its condition and also something which accounts for a decent amount of energy. You have to determine just how much horse feed your horse needs to eat by considering its current lifestyle as well as its actual physical condition. A horse which usually spends a lot of time outside will have plenty of grass in their diet, whereas a stable kept horse won't. A horse that's ridden more than once per day will need more energy than a horse that spends most of the day resting inside of a loose box.

There are many forms of horse feed and it's essential for the health and condition of your horse to feed it with a decent quality horse feed. Baileys Horse Feeds provides a very wide range of horse feeds, for all types of horses. They sell feed especially created for old and young horses, show jumpers, riding school horses, horses kept inside a loose box, hackers, polo horses, racing horses, pregnant horses, horses susceptible to certain illnesses and many others. Every type of horse feed contains different ingredients built to ensure that your horse gets exactly the correct quantity of nutrients and energy which it needs within it's diet.

For instance, Baileys all-round competition mix is fantastic for horses such as show jumpers, polo horses, dressage horses etc. It is an oat mix packed with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for any horse. Another example is Lo Cal balancer; This mix is superb for giving a horse with nutrients without giving it too many calories. It is usually good for horses prone to laminitis.

Baileys Horse feeds aim to allow top quality horse feed which allows your horse to lead a happy and healthy life. They are take great care in making certain each individual horse feed mix is created with assorted specifications in mind to ensure that each individual horse receives the right diet. Baileys Horse feeds also provide a feeding guide for any horse owners who are not completely confident in how to feed their horse. The food you give your horse will affect its overall health and vitality.

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