Thursday, 24 March 2011

Horse feed and animal feed

For those of you who own horses or any other livestock, you will know that feeding animals can not only cost a lot, but that food often runs out fairly fast. It is advisable to buy animal feed in bulk as you can purchase good quality food at a lower price, and will not need to stock up so often!
It is important to ensure that every animal gets the right amount of nutrients and goodness from their daily diet. A good diet will promote the health and productivity of your livestock, and this will be evident in the amount of produce you receive from your producers, and in the physical state of animals, such as the conditions of their coats, their muscle tone and their overall vitality.
It is sometimes hard to find animal feed which combines quality with quantity, but it is possible to buy animal feed in bulk from designated animal feed suppliers. Seals fodder room stocks many different types of animal feed for horses, dogs, cats and poultry. All the food is of a good quality and is available to order in large quantities or to buy from the store.
Seals Fodder Room has a very wide range in horse feed, and stocks the following brands: Allen and Page, Baileys, British Horse Feeds, Dengie, Dobson and Horrell, Horse Hage, Heygates,Spillers, Top Spec and Youngs Animal Feeds. Among this huge variety you will be able to find something within your budget and which suits your horses needs.
For horses, with most of the horse food brands you can choose a feed which is suitable for your horse. This includes naturally energy fuelling feeds for those horses which work hard, and range down to low energy feed for horses with a relaxed lifestyle. You can also choose the feed with consideration of the age of the horse and the lifestyle; whether the horse lives outside, or spends time stabled or kept in a loose box.
Always make sure you are feeding your horse with a feed which is suitable, and that it is receiving the right amount of nutrients in its diet, This is essential in ensuring your horse is happy and healthy.  If your horse spends a lot of time eating grass in a paddock, you need to calculate how much feed it actually needs, as horses can put on weight if they eat a nutrient packed horse feed and then spend much of the day consuming grass.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Quality Animal Feed is Vital

 Owning a horse, be it for competitions, racing, working or for breeding, can be costly. Apart from the initial cost of buying a horse, the cost of stables and ensuring the general well being of the animal can also be considerable. However, it is very important that horses receive feed that provides sufficient nutrition for the tasks that the animals will be used for. For this reason there is a large range of feed available on the market for different types of horses and it is this selection of specially crafted feeds that have been used successfully by horse breeders and owners to improve the relaxation, performance and condition of their horses and ponies.

There are animal feeds  available that combine state of the art technology and nutrition to create a substance that help owners of horses with feeding problems to feed their animals in the most natural possible way. There are also certain feeds that have been specifically designed and incorporate specialist mixes to provide sufficient nutrition for both older horses and for horses being entered into competitions. However, despite the fact that different producers of horse feed often produce sustenance specifically designed for certain horses, owners can be assured that these producers only use natural and non GM materials.

 Horse owners and breeders can also take comfort in the fact that many of the companies that produce horse feed are owned by experienced equine nutritionists who, using the finest quality ingredients, create unique formulae which are manufactured to the highest possible standards and provide maximum nutrition for horses and ponies. Also, the fact that the majority of these producers provide a considerable range of feed for all types of horses, from young racing horses to old retired work horses, means that owners are certain to find a suitable feed for whatever horse that they own.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Importance of Quality Horse Feed

Stables need to keep plenty supplies of horse feed. However, the type of feed used and the portions horses require are governed by the weight of the horse. Its bodyweight determines the amount of food the animal has. Horses, like people, require particular diets designed to suit them. The animal’s weight and fat score is taken into account, as well as its workload, temperament and age. Animal feed companies aim to help owners feed their horses as healthily and naturally as possible and some even tailor their feed to help with specific feeding or health problems the horse might have. Animal feed companies are required to meet national standards and therefore many aim to surpass those and be vigilant of their impact on the environment. Indeed having a reputation for being a good seller of nutritional, ethically sourced animal feed is beneficial to all concerned.
Equine diatary needs and the horse’s biology are important to take into account. Horses only have one stomach, like humans. Nevertheless, unlike humans, their bodies also have to digest plant fiber, mostly the chemical cellulose that we can’t digest, that comes from hay and grass. So therefore, fermentation inside the horses stomach and digestive system in order to break down and digest the cellulose. Similar to grazing cattle, when left out at pasture, horses prefer to eat very small amounts of food steadily throughout the day. However, this is not always practical what with humans taking care of horses in stables, and horses tend to be fed more concentrated amounts about twice a day.
Animal feed companies often provide online services in which orders can be placed and delivered to stables. There websites have contract details as well as helpful guides and information with regards to horse feed, and how a bodyweight corresponds with which product they recommend you buy.